3 Benefits Of Social Media For Older Generations

While scientists and news outlets have recently reported about how dangerous it can be for kids and young teens to use social media, when it comes to older adults, social media can actually have a very positive impact on them. So if you have elderly loved ones who aren’t currently on social media, consider how their lives in their senior living communities or at home could be improved upon by some of these benefits of social media for older generations. 

Improved Mental Health

For older adults who use social media, there have been improvements seen to their mental health in all kinds of areas.

For many people of advanced age, life can quickly turn mundane for them. Not only can this impact their outlook on life, but it can also make them feel less engaged with the world around you. But for older adults who use social media on a regular basis, their mental health seems to improve. 

Using social media can help older adults have improved mental health by keeping up with current affairs that encourage them to think critically, by fighting off the effects of isolation, and by allowing them to learn new things and meet new people who may not have been accessible to them without social media. 

Maintain Connection To Others

As people age, it can be harder for them to keep in contact with their friends and family members, especially if they have a difficult time hearing people on the phone or using their smartphone to text or video chat. But with social media, these connections need not be lost. 

Not only can social media make it easier for older people to keep in touch with their family and friends both currently and in the past, but it can also help others to keep an eye on them as well. When active on social media, there are interpersonal connections made on all sides so that older adults can maintain and even nurture all of the relationships that they desire to keep. 

Live More Joyfully

Oftentimes, the social lives of older adults tend to dwindle in their twilight years. This happens for all kinds of reasons, like their friends or family members passing away or mobility issues, making it hard to go out or even communicate in other ways. 

This is where social media can be especially beneficial for older adults. Staying active and engaged on social media can help your elderly loved ones have something to do with their day and make them feel like they’re contributing to something. This can help them find more joy in their lives and fight off feelings of depression that are so prevalent for people of older generations. 

If you have an older friend or family member that isn’t on social media, consider introducing this to them and see just what benefits they reap from this association.