3 Tips For Writing Blog Posts For A Senior Audience

Writing blog posts can be hard work in and of itself. But when you’re trying to write to a target audience that you may not relate to or necessarily understand well, like if you’re younger and trying to write to an older audience, you may need to put a bit more effort into the planning and preparation part of content writing in order to find success. 

To help you along in this process, here are three tips for writing blog posts for a senior audience. 

Get The Design Right

Before you work too hard on the actual content of your blog post, you’ll want to make sure that you have the design of your overall website and blog set up in such a way that your senior audience will easily be able to navigate their way around and read the content that you’re posting. 

In many cases, seniors have a hard time reading small print and using fine motor function. So if you’re trying to really connect with an older audience with your blog, you’ll want to make sure that your content is accessible even to people who are in assisted living facilities. This means having a larger font, contrasting colors, and large, clear buttons to help with navigation. Once all of these things are in place, your older audience should be able to find their way and read any content that you post on your blog. 

Focus On Relationship Building

As for the actual content that you include in your blog posts, one thing that can be helpful to focus on is the relationships that you’re able to build with your audience through your posts and videos. 

With an older audience, forming a personal connection with them can help them feel much more loyal to you and your brand. This will help them to trust you and want to come back to your website and content over and over again.

This type of relationship building can be done by being respectful, letting your personality shine, and being a real, authentic person in your posts and interactions. 

Include Lots Of Calls To Action

On your blog posts, you’ll likely have actions that you’ll want your audience to take. And if you’re targeting an older audience, you’ll want to make sure that you have a lot of calls to action all throughout your content. 

While it might seem like overkill to you, having hyperlinks, buttons, and all kinds of usable calls-to-action will help ensure that your audience knows what you’re wanting them to do and has the capabilities to take that action without having to look too far for buttons to push or forms to fill out. 

If you have a senior audience that you’re seeking to write blog posts for, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how this can best be done.