What Makes Your Cloud Solutions Come Up Perfectly Now

To back up your data, businesses
and individuals often still rely on local, old-fashioned storage. However,
although we are sometimes reluctant to entrust our data to third parties, the
advent of cloud computing has made backup online offers more convenient and
reassuring than ever before.

The benefits of backup online

Enhanced security: The security of an online backup has nothing to
envy to a local backup. Online accounts are password-protected, and
“cloud-based” data encryption ensures that no one can use them
outside of your desktops. The online solutions thus make it possible to
guarantee the permanence of the data, and their rapid restoration in the event
of a problem, while the local backups put them at the mercy of an accident
(theft, fire, hardware failure, etc.).

An economical solution: Making a backup online is not complicated;
on the contrary ! No need to invest in external disks or CDs, online data
accounts are infinitely expandable and customizable at will. They even save
money on hardware, since even a light netbook without a large hard drive makes
it easy to access all data. With the use of the Best Cloud
Solutions Company In Singapore
you can find the solutions come up perfectly now.

Automated backups: Better still, online data backup allows
automated backups at regular intervals, or real-time synchronizations. Even
more need to think about it: it is enough to designate the key files of a
computer, they will be saved online, in real time, with each modification.

Accessible data: Another advantage of online backup, the ubiquity
of data: wherever you are, the data can be accessed by logging into your
account. The gain in storage space is considerable: no need to reproduce the
files on each station, just an internet connection for instant access.

Backup in Company mode

Although the concept of a Company
backup is still fairly new, many companies have already adopted it and have
found many interests. Indeed, the principle of Company mode is to make
available to a company specific software available directly on the Internet and
in the form of a subscription. Using these remote software solutions gives the
company the opportunity to avoid the high cost of installing and updating
applications on its own servers.

This type of service, which must
be subscribed by Company specialists, also provides updates and maintenance of
the solution. And with this new generation of online applications, data hosting
is provided by a day-to-day business specialist who is committed to storing and
managing applications, IT services and servers.

From a highly secure hosting center

All the applications made
available to a company can be used by all the staff of a company from a simple
connection and an access code.

Backup online: versioning

File versioning is an option more
than recommended for professionals who can not afford to lose their data, when
backing up their data online, versioning is all-risk insurance that ensures
that it does not nothing can happen to your data. It consists of backing up
files online, and keeping a version of these files each time you make a backup.
For example, when you restore a file, you can view its backup history and
choose which version should be restored. The advantage of this operation is to
go back to an earlier version of a file if it was modified by mistake and then
saved. Version management of a file can be set to run automatically.